Business credit cards the latest opportunity in 2020.

What is a business credit card?

Unlike personal credit cards, business credit cards are issued to a company or business with an Australian Business number (ABN). Multiple cards can be provided to different staff members, enabling employees to spend company money on business expenses.

Business credit cards can make it easier for small business owners to separate business transactions from personal transactions with features available on some cards to help with tracking spending. They can also reward businesses for spending with attached premium benefits.

Types of Business Credit Cards

There are a few different types of business credit cards available in Australia:

  • Rewards cards: For businesses looking for rewards for their spending.
  • Low rate cards: For businesses looking for a low interest rate with no annual fee.
  • Frequent Flyer cards: for businesses that have staff who travel often.

There are four main credit card brands available in Australia often offered through a vast array of banks and building societies:

  1. MasterCard
  2. Visa Card
  3. American Express Card
  4. Diners Club Card

Eligibility Requirements

In order for a product to be considered in Canstar’s Business Credit Card Star Ratings, products must meet the following requirements:

Low rate

  • Be unsecured (excludes charge cards).
  • Be either business-liability or personal-liability cards
  • Offer a credit limit of $10,000 on application


  • Offer a rewards program that provides direct access to cashback or gift cards

Frequent Flyer

  • Rewards points must be able to be transferred to one or more frequent flyer programs that collectively offer flights between Sydney and the six destinations considered.

Why do we say that commercial credit card is the latest opportunity in 2020?

1. The holder is a member of the business held by the bank and has high assets. Generally, the amount of cards is high.
2. Frequent flyer cards: most of the card holders need to travel around the world for business reasons, and the card consumption records are all over the world, which is good news for us, greatly reducing the risk control.
3. The card holder is likely to be negligent in discovering that the card information is leaked due to work business reasons.
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