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How to buy cards?

1. Select the goods you need.
2. Add shopping cart settlement.
3. Choose the payment method suitable for you. (bitcoin payment is supported)

How long can I receive the card after purchase?

The speed depends on bitcoin confirmation points. We have reduced the number of confirmation points, but you should understand that bitcoin does not arrive immediately. So you can recharge your wallet first and then buy it.

Refund clause

1.You can apply for a refund within 30 minutes after purchase. Insufficient balance cannot be used as a reason for refund.

2.Money will be returned to your wallet

Can the money in the wallet be exported?

Of course, if you are an ordinary user, you can export your money at any time without any conditions. Just pay a little handling fee.

If you are a seller, you need to export your funds after the end of the freeze period.

Can I sell goods on the website?

We welcome anyone to sell goods, which is also our original intention. For more policies, please go to the terms page.


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